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Katherine Sabbath Greatest Hits - Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath Greatest Hits

Author Katherine Sabbath

  • Published: 2017-10-29
  • Category: Methods


Katherine Sabbath - Greatest Hits - The Pop Edition is not your ‘traditional’ cookbook!  It is an art book based on the 3D pop-up book of the same name, filled with the wondrous cakes and desserts of home baking sweetheart, Katherine Sabbath. Comprehensive recipes will allow you to recreate all of Katherine’s most iconic and well loved cakes and recipes. The story alongside every marvellous creation featured reveals the inspiration behind each one.

“Whether an experienced baker, home baking enthusiast or lover of paper engineering, I sincerely hope this pop-up cake cookbook inspires your creativity and helps you to bake someone happy”.  Katherine Sabbath, 2017.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Inspired. Modern. Amazing.

    From Netter18
    Love this book- every inch! I backed her Kickstarter project in 2016 and eagerly awaited for its arrival. The book is everything I hoped for and more. Such an inspiring book for bakers and artists alike; and I love the pop-up feature in the print version (the print version is truly a work of art) —> PLUS you get her recipes! Buy this book for the baker in your life, they will love you.