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The Braes of Huntly - Kristin Gleeson

The Braes of Huntly

Author Kristin Gleeson

  • Published: 2018-02-25
  • Category: Historical


Scotland, Autumn 1556

Forcefully separated from Iain, Abby is placed by her father in the care of the Earl of Huntly to keep her safe from the Comte de Damville. Bereft of the one she loves, Abby soon realises that the castle isn’t the quiet refuge she hoped for. The castle is filled with people desperate to take advantage of the family’s powerful connections for their own ends, using means fair and foul, some possibly treasonous.  As Abby avoids  falling prey to the amorous intentions of Huntly’s sons, she finds herself in a far deadlier hunt. What’s at stake is not her virtue but her life, and her love for Iain can only endanger both of them.