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Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines - Linda Kemp

Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines

Author Linda Kemp

  • Published: 2008-08-01
  • Category: Art & Architecture


Harness the power of negative space!
Breathe new life into your art through negative painting. Linda Kemp shares her techniques for using the strength of negative space - the areas not occupied by subject matter - to create alluring works of art.

Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines is a comprehensive guide to evoking more passion in your paintings. You'll learn how to take hold of the often-overlooked areas of a painting through interactive, easy to follow elements including:
Step-by-step techniques, exercises and projectsDo-it-yourself tests and worksheetsTroubleshooting suggestions and secretsStraightforward diagrams for color and designBoth beginning and advanced artists will benefit from negative painting concepts presented in this guide. Using landscapes, florals, and motifs from nature, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to make your next watercolor your most striking work yet.