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Compulsion: Part One - Perrin Briar

Compulsion: Part One

Author Perrin Briar

  • Published: 2018-02-05
  • Category: Fiction & Literature


In the world after The Outbreak, humanity has become a sharply divided race. One part animated corpses, infected with the virus, the Undead; one part predator, roaming bands of Raiders; and the remainder, who live in constant vigilance in a desperate fight against falling victim to the other two.

In this, the second in the Compulsion series, Siren, a seventeen-year-old girl orphaned when the virus took her parents, must make a physical and an emotional journey. She must face her worst enemies, the men who killed her brother, and she must come to terms with his passing. Siren loves speeding down the empty highways of post-apocalyptic Texas on a motorcycle, as fast as she can, all alone. But when two men from her past catch up to her, she is forced to join them on a quest for a place to start a new society for humanity, with a new way of dealing with the Undead.

There is something special about Siren. She can control the emotions of others using the power of her mind. She has always had this ability, but never knew its power. She must quickly learn to use it, and keep it to herself. Because there are men who want to use her power for their own ends.

As the three hit the road, the future looks muddy. On the way to a new society, they will come against their worst fears. They will need all of their powers and energy for the fight to stay alive. They must rally others to their cause. They must learn to work together and put the past behind them. Repulsion is the story of that journey.