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The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

Author Alice Sebold

  • Published: 2002-08-07
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4.5 Stars
From 96 Customers Review
Price: $12.99


Once in a generation a novel comes along that taps a vein of universal human experience, resonating with readers of all ages. The Lovely Bones is such a book -- a phenomenal #1 bestseller celebrated at once for its narrative artistry, its luminous clarity of emotion, and its astonishing power to lay claim to the hearts of millions of readers around the world.

"My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973."

So begins the story of Susie Salmon, who is adjusting to her new home in heaven, a place that is not at all what she expected, even as she is watching life on earth continue without her -- her friends trading rumors about her disappearance, her killer trying to cover his tracks, her grief-stricken family unraveling.

Out of unspeakable tragedy and loss, The Lovely Bones succeeds, miraculously, in building a tale filled with hope, humor, suspense, and even joy.

"A stunning achievement." --The New Yorker

"Deeply affecting. . . A keenly observed portrait of familial love and how it endures and changes over time." --New York Times

"A triumphant novel. . . It's a knockout." --Time

"Destined to become a classic in the vein of To Kill a Mockingbird. . . I loved it." --Anna Quindlen

"A novel that is painfully fine and accomplished." --Los Angeles Times

"The Lovely Bones seems to be saying there are more important things in life on earth than retribution. Like forgiveness, like love." --Chicago Tribune

Top Customer Reviews

  • I love this book

    From Hqvgahags
    Its a great book you can't stop reading it.
  • The Lovely Bones

    From qjedlic
    This book was good. A very interesting perspective on the story telling which gave the whole book great appeal. I skipped over much of the lengthy description as the story line got somewhat lost otherwise and I found myself having to go back to pick up on the events that were going on; however if you don't put the book down it would flow more easily. A reassuring take on death.
  • The lovely bones

    From Squid_Bear
    Ok... I'm the type of person who hates reding, but I absolutely loved this book!! It was fully of love and mystery and was told very well. The detail is amazing! I love it <3
  • The lovely bones

    From yonzie
    An interesting story, how after a girl is murdered, she is still able to live in the peoples hearts that she left behind. The ending was alittle weak, would of loved seeing the killer meet her father.
  • Meh. . .

    From Dexter11235
    Was almost painful to read because it was really just a low plato.