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Power Thoughts - Joyce Meyer

Power Thoughts

Author Joyce Meyer

  • Published: 2010-09-14
  • Category: Christianity
4 Stars
From 8 Customers Review
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Joyce Meyer has a knack for coining phrases-her fans call them Joyceisms-and one of her best loved is "Where the mind goes, the man follows." This was the basis for Battlefield of the Mind, and in her latest book, Meyer provides "power thoughts," bringing the reader to a new level of ability to use the mind as a tool to achievement.
In POWER THOUGHTS, she outlines a flexible program to turn thoughts into habits, and habits into success. Sections include:

· The Power of a Positive You

· 5 Rules for Keeping Your Attitude at the Right Altitude

· More Power To You bulleted keys to successful thinking in each chapter

· The Power of Perspective

Nobody has more of a "can-do" attitude than Joyce Meyer. Now you can, too.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Rather evangelical

    From B Bender
    I was not aware when I purchased this book of the reputation of the author as someone with a very literal interpretation of the bible. Her constant reference to satan and hell may not be for everyone. She has many good things to say but I found it less of a self help book and more of a biblical teaching book.
  • POWER THOUGHTS by Joyce Meyers

    From Charzie55
    I've been a Christian for 45 years and this is the first time I've read anything that has moved me to action as much as "Power Thoughts". It is easy to read, yet packed with information and great, practical ways to change your life for the better. I will be recommending this read to everyone I know.