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The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak - Mark Clodi

The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak

Author Mark Clodi

  • Published: 2010-01-20
  • Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
4 Stars
From 48 Customers Review
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It was the start of another ordinary day at the office for Max, he was emailing a friend when one of his other early morning co-workers called for his help, someone was having a heart attack. Rushing to the aid of his fallen co-worker Max knew one thing, it wasn't a heart attack. Heart attack victims didn't bleed and didn't start chewing on anyone they could catch either.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Amazing book

    From Cpl.Mackie
    This book is awesome when I first got into it I thought it would take forever to finish, it took me a few days to read it I could not stop p Flipping the pages. I give it 5 stars it is action packed and at some points gets you thinking, I'm looking forward to reading the second book A must have book good read for those zombie and survival fans Amazing job Mark Clodi great work
  • Love it

    From TheUkrainKilla
    Couldn't stop reading until done
  • Nah

    From makdby
    I didn't like it at all, I can't get pass the first sentence, The vocabulary is weak, the storyline is mediocre. It has great potential though and I don't want to diminish the hard work of the author, but if you really like good and deep litterature, don't buy this.
  • Tough credit

    From QuadBoss
    I am a huge fan of Zombie/ Apocalyptic type of stories, the book was good but not your average type zombies, more of a hyper/ more less intelligent type. But over all the 378 pages is worth the time.
  • My first

    From Pro_street
    This was the first "zombie" book I have read. I am so glad I picked this one up. The author has put a wicked twist on the stereotypical zombie thriller and had me hooked. The characters are great and easy to identify with. There are a few minor quirks in this chapter of the chronicles but read on, book two is even better and book three... Well let me just say, read them. I'm sure you will enjoy!
  • One of the best

    From Hollow-Words
    Despite the occasional spelling error, I find this book very enjoyable and I finished it with every chance I got. I'm also planning on finishing the whole series! Haha ;] ~~~
  • Wow

    From BrevinC
    This is a great book :( but I only have the sample ):
  • Great read!

    From soapxXI
    I don't usually enjoy reading books this one just some how kept me entertained I really enjoyed it
  • Needs a Vaccine

    From Elroy Cutter
    Sadly, I found this very poorly written. I could not get past the stiff dialogue (pun not intended) and the poor use of plot devices. Not recommended even for "die-hards".
  • A great read!!!

    From Cemetary13
    I really enjoyed the story. A great new twist to an original zombie apocalypse.