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Perfect Crime - Jack Erickson

Perfect Crime

Author Jack Erickson

  • Published: 2009-12-26
  • Category: Short Stories
3.5 Stars
From 127 Customers Review
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A San Francisco wife plots to murder her philandering husband by being in two places at one time.
She commits the Perfect Crime -- and starts an exciting life with a sexy new boyfriend, living off her dead husband's generous life insurance policy.
Until her doorbell rings one night . . . .

Top Customer Reviews

  • Enjoyable

    I loved how believable the plot was, I can picture people I know taking similar actions in the same situation. I look forward to reading more by Jack Erickson.
  • Perfect Crime

    From Karen Veerkamp
    The book was an easy read and was a great mystery. Your next book will be just as good. I read some of the chapter you included in the perfect crime. I could not put the book down. Karen Veerkamp
  • Perfect Crime

    From Monamamu
    A great short story..
  • Really great

    From pierluc980333
    I really enjoyed this short novel. It is well written and when you start to read it you just can't stop. I will certainly read more Jack Erickson.
  • perfect crime

    From Aaaaate
    Short but quite good.
  • What a great surprise - this story.

    From Pianist in Toronto
    It was so fast-moving and interesting I couldn't believe it. Loved the way it was written. Outstanding !