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Uprising - Justin Kemppainen


Author Justin Kemppainen

  • Published: 2009-12-15
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4 Stars
From 165 Customers Review
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The Citizens of Haven have finally realized their dream; separation. They have ascended. A new layer has been placed upon the city, sealing anyone they deem unfit down below.

In the dark slums beneath the city, something has been set in motion that will usher in a change. Something that will rattle the city of Haven to its core and forever alter the lives of everyone within.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Cant put it down

    From Uruha12
    Omg, just finished the book. And it was an incredibly good one too ! I wasnt sure I really like the type of story at the begining, but I grew fond of Kaylee and Malcom quickly. The end is breathtaking as everything takes place and unfolds. I think this book deserve to be called a Masterpiece ! A MUST READ !!
  • Great

    From escalusross
    One of my favorite books from a truly talented author. I hope he continues to publish more.
  • Very good strory !!!

    From Sarah Mtl
    Sci fi at its best !
  • Haven

    From hdxpres
    A most excellent book. FIVE stars.
  • great read!!

    From Keating2010
    this was a very good story!! a little disappointed about the end could have ended a little better.. nice leave for a second book but if there is no second book it will be very disappointing. but over all a very good book
  • Haven

    From Luscious Monkey
    A scifi thriller set in the near future, Haven explores what violence ensues after years of oppression and degradation. Characters unfold nicely, storyline both fluid and captivating. Couple of twists in the plot that even I didn't see coming (you don't know me, but trust me when I say this rarely EVER happens). A bit violent for my tastes, but suitable for it's plot line. A thoroughly good read.
  • Technical issues

    From GScanada
    The story was good and characters were interesting but there were two huge problems: 1) No chapter index!! The whole book was listed as one chapter in the table of contents! 2) It seemed that no one EVER edited this book! The errors were so numerous that it was very distracting. This could have been a four or five star (I really liked the story) but the tech issues and editing made it harder to read than it should have been.
  • Yeah...

    From Omnomveggies
    Great story, exciting, graphic, eventful, and then the ending... SUCKED HORRIBLY. one of the worst endings I've ever read. It left me with the feeling that someone tore out the last few pages. What happened to the sky?
  • Sequel needed!

    From sisteroutsider
    Great book, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I need a sequel though! Or even a prequel would satisfy my curiosity about this world created by the author. Highly recommended!
  • Haven

    From Laurieol
    Enjoyed reading this book, the author has an easy style. Fluid and effortless to follow. Characters were keen and interesting. The story was solid and I loved the ending. Look forward to more from this author.