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Songs of the Humpback Whale - Jodi Picoult

Songs of the Humpback Whale

Author Jodi Picoult

  • Published: 2002-03-01
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
3.5 Stars
From 12 Customers Review
Price: $12.99


Sometimes finding your own voice
is a matter of listening to the heart....

Jodi Picoult's powerful novel portrays an emotionally charged marriage that changes course in one explosive moment....For years, Jane Jones has lived in the shadow of her husband, renowned San Diego oceanographer Oliver Jones. But during an escalating argument, Jane turns on him with an alarming volatility. In anger and fear, Jane leaves with their teenage daughter, Rebecca, for a cross-country odyssey charted by letters from her brother Joley, guiding them to his Massachusetts apple farm, where surprising self-discoveries await. Now Oliver, an expert at tracking humpback whales across vast oceans, will search for his wife across a continent -- and find a new way to see the world, his family, and himself: through her eyes.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Phenomenal

    From Lynniecroftapprater
    Another absolutely phenomenal work by Jodi Picoult. I had been struggling to define certain emotions and experiences I've had, not knowing how to classify them, not knowing anyone who has gone through anything remotely similar. This book summarized it all for me. Thank you once again Jodi!!