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Sudden Death - Michael Balkind

Sudden Death

Author Michael Balkind

  • Published: 2010-07-11
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
3 Stars
From 172 Customers Review
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Reid Clark - a pro golfer on the PGA tour; is also a hothead with a reputation for trouble. Reid receives a death threat right before teeing off on the final day of the Master's Tournament, & hires a P.I. to track down the perpetrator. Suspense builds throughout as Reid tries to compete in one of golfs most prestigious events & woo the woman he loves, while dodging death at every turn.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Reads like a newspaper

    From Wine please
    Very flat. Lacks descriptors. The main character falls for a woman at a glance and they're saying "I love you's" after about a paragraph of "four" play. Poor pacing. I liked the fact the book was based in a golf setting.
  • Sudden Death

    From S4mamma
    Sorry folks. I've read a lot of books but I give this one a big thumbs down. I'm surprised that both Cussler and Patterson are said to endorse it. It's nothing like their caliber of writing. It reads like a paid advertisement for the life of the rich and famous and it's nauseating.
  • Compelling

    From heavyduti
    I am not a golfer and do not understand the attraction ( but I like the Mark Twain quote about a good walk spoiled) but I enjoyed this novel, only the second book that I read using my iPad. I look forward to reading other works by this author. Alan in Toronto.
  • Complete waste of time

    From Hemmy68
    Was hoping for a good whodunit with a golf motif but it's about 200+ pages of a guy taking people shopping. I think this was an eighth graders book report...
  • Sudden death

    From Teeeteeeeeeee
    Not too bad. Easy to read but hokey in some places.
  • Horrible

    From Treppy13
    Read half and could not go on, characters are bland and boring, never found the point, no wonder they are not charging for this one, but still not worth your time.
  • Unlikable main character

    From Rbn12
    I was sick of reading about the main characters perfect life other than the threats. This made him very unlikable in my eyes and made it an unenjoyable book
  • Sudden death

    From V8deuce
    This is my first book that I read on my iPhone not knowing if I would like this format or the good old paperback I decided to get a free one,that way I wouldn't feel back if I never liked the story. Boy did I ever enjoy this one very easy to read and a very good story line I'm buying the next one for sure
  • Sudden Death

    From Steve Sperring
    How anyone could endorse this book is beyond me. It is a free book and I was overcharged.
  • Sudden death

    From Chicki!
    I thought this was a great read for the phone. I found it really interesting. Worth reading when you have nothing to do.