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Walk Europe - Peter Amman

Walk Europe

Author Peter Amman

  • Published: 2010-07-19
  • Category: Europe
3.5 Stars
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Explore Europe's stunning opportunities for walking! This generously illustrated sampler ebook introduces the Landscapes Series published by Sunflower Books. It includes a complete walk from every one of the nearly 50 destinations in the series.
If you are the sort of holidaymaker who wants to do more than just laze by a hotel pool, you’ll love the opportunities for exploration and discovery presented by the Landscapes Series. This sampler contains scores of photographs and detailed maps in addition to hundreds of pages of informative text to give you a wonderful taste of Sunflower’s travel guides.
Enjoy browsing with your iPhone / iPad to plan your next holiday destination! 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Walk Europe

    From MillionGamer
    Good book with a lot of pictures and new place in Europe to view or vist don't take a lot of memories too... Like 32mb with is not that bad it a great book for download. And the best?. It free! It a inspiring book with a lot of place not popular.