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Tough Guy - Bob Probert & Kirstie McLellan Day

Tough Guy

Author Bob Probert & Kirstie McLellan Day

  • Published: 2010-10-26
  • Category: Hockey
4.5 Stars
From 157 Customers Review
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During a notorious career with the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks, Bob Probert racked up points, penalty minutes and bar bills, establishing himself as one of the most feared enforcers in the history of the NHL. On the ice, he was a fan favourite. He backed up his teammates one hundred percent, taking on the toughest guys of his era. Off the ice, Probert played hard too. Over his pro career he went through ten stays in rehab, two NHL suspensions, a jail sentence for carrying cocaine across the border and a near-fatal motorcycle crash.

When he died unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 5, 2010, at the age of forty-five, he was hard at work on his memoir with Kirstie McLellan Day, co-author with Theo Fleury of the blockbuster Playing with Fire. Tough Guy is a gripping journey, full of jaw-dropping stories about the toughest bareknuckle fighter in the NHL.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Superb

    From djwooha
    A must read! Excellent!
  • Great

    From Dundas tom
    This was a great read.
  • Tough Guy

    From Keppy9
    Well written,real life version of an role player in one of the toughest era's in the NHL. Bob Probert made everyone he played with careers a whole lot more productive and safer. To bad about the self implosion and hurt his family went through. I personally loved watching him play.
  • Great Book

    From Dales97
    One of the best books I have ever read. Keeps you thinking and really makes you understand how hard it is to be a fighter in the NHL. My respect for this guy has gone through the roof.
  • Good guy !

    From Gerrydog
    Loved the book , hockey is missing a great enforcer and wonderful guy. I hope this book helps other people realize that if you have a problem , try and seek help !
  • Tough Guy

    From Muzzman27
    Very good insight into the tumultuous life of Bob Probert.
  • Awesome

    From Wrecker44
    Cool look behind the scenes into the life one of the most feared enforcers in NHL history. Great easy read. RIP Bob
  • Tough guy.

    From Shooterace
    Great read.
  • Very insightful

    From Markass123
    I also could not put this book down. Incredibly interesting story of his rise and fall.
  • Good hockey ready

    From Mooz1982
    Thoroughly enjoyed it! Probie battled some serious demons, but was a character guy. Nice to hear it from his perspective, after years of hearing the media's.