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The Book of Revelation Unveiled - United Church of God

The Book of Revelation Unveiled

Author United Church of God

  • Published: 2010-09-15
  • Category: Religion & Spirituality
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Is the book of Revelation relevant today? Is it possible to understand it?

-- Inside this booklet:
-- The Book of Revelation: Is It Relevant Today?
-- Keys to Understanding Revelation
-- The Story Flow of the Book of Revelation
-- Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation
-- God's Church in Prophecy
-- What Is the Church?
-- Duality in Bible Prophecy
-- The Book of Revelation's Divine Authority
-- The Seals of the Prophetic Scroll
-- The Day of the Lord Finally Arrives
-- Satan's War Against the People of God
-- The Mark and Number of the Beast
-- The Two Women of Revelation
-- The 'Time of Jacob's Trouble'
-- The Destruction of Satan's Kingdom
-- Satan: The Great Seducer
-- The Everlasting Kingdom of God

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    From 83474277336831125543
    This book is horrible , they use alternative scripture other than the book of revelations to support they're claims. This book is supposed to be about revelations and not the other books of the bible. They also contradict what the bible says. On page 60 of this book it says in the bible they will rein with Jesus for 1,000 years and they say they'll rein with Jesus forever. 1,000 years is not forever unfortunately it makes this book less creditable.