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Quran - Rashad Khalifa Ph.D.


Author Rashad Khalifa Ph.D.

  • Published: 2010-09-16
  • Category: Religion & Spirituality
3.5 Stars
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One unifying religion for all the people. The Book is, without a doubt, a revelation from the Lord of the Universe.

The Final Testament comes with built-in physical evidence that it is God's message to you; it is mathematically composed beyond human capability. This proves that God is the Truth, and that He revives the dead, and that He is Omnipotent.

This book consolidates all the messages delivered by all of God's messengers into one global message -

"Total submission to God - worshiping God and devoting the worship absolutely to Him ALONE!"

Top Customer Reviews

  • Irony?

    From Critical Thinking 101
    I love the irony of these reviews. People are mad that the author is claming to be a prohpet of god but they have no problem with the origional author claming to be a prophet of god. Who knows, maybe in a thousand years Rashad Khalifa will be the next Muhammad.
  • About the author

    From MuslimahPower
    The author has claimed to be a messenger of God (a3outhubillah)

    From Muslim 33
    This book is horrible ! Some of the things it says are so wrong. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK ! If you do read it do not listen to it. I think this book deserves 0 stars. The guy even thought he was a prophet that's twisted !
  • Terrible

    From Muslima1212
    This is not the Nobel Quran. Just take a second to read the author doctrine in wiki. He reject Hadith, Sunna and prophet Mohammad(sws). He call himself the messenger of God. Also he stated that in the Quran there a verse about him!
  • This is not a translation

    From JohnPMcGrath
    I cannot see this as an "authorized" translation of the Quran. It starts with some focus on the number 19, the mathematics of base 19 and how everything is a miracle as a result of the factor of the number 19. Give it a break…….
  • Interesting

    From Jedi Tora
    I am interested in ALL theology. This proved an interesting read/study. I recommend it to all interested.