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Diary of a Player - Brad Paisley

Diary of a Player

Author Brad Paisley

  • Published: 2011-11-01
  • Category: Music
4.5 Stars
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Country music star Brad Paisley salutes others in the music world in this funny, personal, and fascinating portrait of what it’s like to be country’s leading guitar hero.

The Story of a Life with Strings Attached

Brad Paisley is one of country music’s leading men—admired as a recording artist, a performer, a songwriter, and a guitar slinger. This was not always so. In Diary of a Player, Paisley for the first time fully retraces his entire musical and personal journey to date. And it all began with a loving grandfather who gave eight-year-old Brad Douglas Paisley a Sears Danelectro guitar—the Christmas gift that would alter Brad’s life forever. In Brad’s own words, we read his emotional tribute to his late great “Papaw,” Warren Jarvis, who sparked his dream come true:

When I was eight I got a gift from my grandpa. No coincidence that around that time I also got an identity. See, no matter how I have changed, learned, and evolved as a person, the guitar has been a major part of it, and really the only constant. A crutch, a shrink, a friend, love interest, parachute, flying machine, soapbox, canvas, liability, investment, jackpot, tease, a sage, a gateway, an addiction, a recovery, a temptress, a church, a voice, veil, armor, and lifeline. My grandpa knew it could be many of these things for me, but mostly he just wanted me to never be alone. He said if I learned to play, anything would be manageable, and life would be richer. You can get through some real tough moments with that guitar on your knee. When life gets intense, there are people who drink, who seek counseling, eat, or watch TV, pray, cry, sleep, and so on. I play.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Touched

    From RobbyBobbyBurtt
    I am, a player too. About four years ago, I first heard the song "I'm Gonna Miss Her" and my life was forever changed. I never liked country music but now it rules my life. Brad Paisley is the epitome of a man with a passion for his instrument. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it made Brad real to me. We even share a few experiences, like my son muting the strings when I play...loved that little story. To anyone who buys this book, you will get a glimpse into them life of a superstar AND a regular guy who just LOVES to play. It made me laugh, it made me cry. You'll thoroughly enjoy every page.
  • Todd

    From Toddrey
    My only wish is that book had been longer. But how could it be the story still goes on. This is an account of a true gentleman guitar player who has hand the the talent and determination to become a true country music superstar. It seems he has been guided by the the hand of God and his guardian Angel Grandfather. It was a great read and I am a bigger fan than I was before. Thanks Brad I can't wait for "Part II".
  • Amazing

    From Ashbell85
    Brad gets very personal! Love how down to earth he is and such a family man!! Love him