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The Call of the Wild - Jack London

The Call of the Wild

Author Jack London

  • Published: 1916-01-01
  • Category: Action & Adventure
4.5 Stars
From 281 Customers Review
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In this novel (often mistakingly classified a children’s book) the main protagonist Buck, a St. Bernard/Collie mix, is abducted and sold to a trainer of sled dogs in Alaska. He adapts to the brutal conditions and is finally acquired by a loving man. When this new owner is killed, Buck follows the ‘call of the wild’ and joins a pack of wolves.

Top Customer Reviews

  • A fantastic book

    From Mohamed hammer
    This is my favourite book! I think it is well made, the words chosen are very well placed and the story is in a style of its own. You must read this book, it's a masterpiece!
  • Excelent book

    From BOB MCJOE
    This book was amazing!
  • Boring

    From Masonhebert7
  • A great classic to be shared

    From Lockbot
    This beautiful work of art is a true book and is the greatest classic of all the books I have read.
  • Awsome

    From I read do you
    This is a classic book that never gets old. I advice reading it.
  • Great book

    From Nicknames--why do I need one?
    I read this for the first time in 20+ years this weekend. It's a great story and a fun read. Reading as Buck transforms, the adventures and meaning of his life, and the cruelty of man and man's other nurturing traits.
  • Wow

    From Fate of Destiny
    Love this book read it on screen and vusualy thousands of times
  • Way cool

    From Neil Young Fan 1
    I have read this book a thousand times and it never gets old. I suggest this book to anyone who likes some suspense.