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A Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs & Frank E. Schoonover

A Princess of Mars

Author Edgar Rice Burroughs & Frank E. Schoonover

  • Published: 1950-03-19
  • Category: Short Stories
4.5 Stars
From 198 Customers Review
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This science fantasy novel is the first in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s eleven book Barsoom series. Follow along with the adventures of John Carter, a never aging 30-year-old Confederate officer who finds himself stuck on the planet Mars.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Fun filled action

    From Melissa Bridgeman
    An exciting book, full of action and adventure. Good for anyone that enjoys classic sci-fi or just wants a fun quick read!
  • epic

    From Sapera14
    an entertaining, heroic and bold narrative of Captain John Carter's adventures on Mars coupled with his passionate love story. Keeps the reader hooked and wanting for more.
  • Well Worth Reading!

    From AkemiKat
    A much better story than the movie.
  • A Martian princess

    From Ramasup
    Prelude to many ideas, books, and movies, excellent story.