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Bruno, Chief Of Police - Martin Walker

Bruno, Chief Of Police

Author Martin Walker

  • Published: 2010-05-11
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Stars
From 101 Customers Review
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A Recipe for Success
Take a rural commune in the heart of the Dordogne and a one-man police department by the name of Bruno. Add a brutal murder with the hallmarks of a racial crime against immigrant workers from North Africa. Season with clues that point to unsettled feuds from the Nazi legacy of the Second World War. Serve with Gallic charm in all good bookshops as the first book in a brilliant crime fiction series.
Set in the street markets, cobbled squares, vineyards and farmland of the Dordogne area of France, Bruno, Chief of Police features Captain Bruno Courrèges, a man as charming and eccentric as he is wise. A formidable investigator, Bruno must rise to the challenge when the head of an Algerian family is murdered and the peace of Bruno’s beloved village of St. Denis is shattered. Racism is the obvious conclusion, and the son of a local doctor who is caught playing sex games surrounded by Nazi paraphernalia is the immediate suspect. But Bruno knows his people well and sees a more complex explanation lurking in the memories and unsettled feuds of the German occupation. This addictively readable novel, filled with the sights and sounds—and politics—of the French countryside, launches a stunning new crime fiction series.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Bruno, Chief of Police

    From Cheryl Downey
    A very interesting read, it had a little romance, a little history and my favourite, a lot of mystery. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next book in the series.
  • A gem of a novel

    From Joesepi W.
    This novel was very interesting and engaging. It made me excited to come back and continue reading. The development of the main characters was done very well. A good read!
  • Ambiance de rêve

    From F Page - Sherbrooke
    C'est dans une Ambiance de rêve unique que Martin Walker nous garde sur le bout de notre chaise du début à la fin. Bon rythme, personnages convaincants.
  • A wonderful read!

    From ASTECH-ME
    I loved everything about this book and always looked forward to the chance to pick it up and continue the adventure!
  • Bruno, Chief of Police

    From Pierre Doorknob
    Absolutely delightful. I'm hooked and on to the next one in the series. This is the one to read when you have the pate, cheese, and a decent burgundy within reach. Cozy up in your favourite chair beside a warm fireplace and prepare for a long night ahead of you. You won't be putting this one down.
  • Great writing, exquisite setting

    From Dee90900
    Warning, this book will leave you with a craving for French food. It was well written with interesting characters and plot. If you like character driven mysteries that do not have a lot of gratuitous violence, this is for you.
  • amazing

    From drewshrew
    love it