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The Girl Born of Smoke - Jessica Billings

The Girl Born of Smoke

Author Jessica Billings

  • Published: 2010-10-25
  • Category: Epic
3.5 Stars
From 81 Customers Review
Price: $3.99


When Aurora is thrust into a world torn apart by war, she realizes she is the magically gifted child everyone is searching for. Haunted by the guilt of her sister's accidental death and terrified of being found out, she swears never to use her powers. But all that changes when her best friend is mistaken as the wizard and kidnapped.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Loved it

    From L_E_B6
    What a great read. Thank you!
  • Ok book, but. . .

    From Khalia60
    I liked the story, but the way it was presented left me unsatisfied. It never really explains why the characters do what they do, it's all " they go here, do that, go somewhere else" without really explaining why.
  • Wizards and adventure

    From Two thumbs and 8 fingers
    Excitement, battles, magic and friendships. A great read!
  • Great Book!

    From Maxime5
    I really loved your story! I love how it was built up and reading it was amazing! I really hope you make a second book of this style and maybe even a sequel to this one would be amazing
  • the girl born of smoke

    From hutcjenn1701
    the book was good and the plot was decent. it was kinda predictable but well written. 5 stars.