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1984 - George Orwell


Author George Orwell

  • Published: 2010-11-25
  • Category: Classics
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George Orwell's masterpiece 1984—the title derived by reversing the last digits of the year of its completion—is a dystopian novel depicting an oligarchical, collectivist society. Winston Smith, the protagonist, practices "thoughtcrime"—he lets his mind wander in ways the government would disapprove of—and it is through him that we discover the atrocities of the society. Orwell wrote this novel after he wrote Animal Farm; both works wanted to depict the downfalls of a Communist regime. 1984 has been particularly influential, and one of its creations, "Big Brother," has found a prominent place in pop culture. Ironically, the book has, at times, been challenged for being intellectually dangerous, even to the point of being banned. Its influence, however, remains unmatched and its message unforgotten.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic!

    From alicat1515
    An absolutely phenomenal novel! Though the overarching theme is really quite profound, it is still relatively accessible to the younger generations. 10/10, would suggest this classic to anybody interested in literature!
  • Great book

    From El davoe
    This book is a piece of art it is amazing, I love it.
  • Classic!

    From Matthew Roy
    Excellent read for most ages, and the book is still relevant today! Don't listen to Brent333333, he most likely doesn't understand the book. It's an excellent read!
  • Classic

    From Steve10234
    An obvious classic
  • Fantastic book!

    From Katatoie
    One of my favorite books. Only a dollar too! What book can you buy at the store for a dollar that is this amazing!
  • Simply brilliant

    From kcdf13
    A chilling look into the horrors of a totalitarian state, and the ways it can mold people into mindless drones. Orwell's masterpiece, and simply a must read for everyone.
  • 1984

    From MrsMonster84
    Science fiction is my favourite genre because of books like this, which use language to describe stories of things that seem far-fetched but are possible in our future. This book was published in 1948 and speaks to a very real present and future where our every move is tracked and monitored. Conformity is key. Communism at its finest.
  • 1984

    From Brent333333
    Don't waste your time. The most over rated thing ever. The book is junk
  • FINALLY!!!

    From Abisco
    One of my favourite books of all time, finally on the ibooks store! For $1 its totally at a steal! I recommend this to everyone for the great depth and attention to detail!
  • A must-read for everyone

    From Pete S. B.
    So happy I finally found this book for the iPad! Yes, this is definitely one of the greatest novels ever written... Read it again and again - it is relevant today and will be perennially pertinent. The iPad rendition is good quality, the text is clear and properly organized. Five stars without hesitation!