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Animal Farm - George Orwell

Animal Farm

Author George Orwell

  • Published: 2010-11-30
  • Category: Classics
4.5 Stars
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Perhaps one of the most influential allegories of the 20th century, George Orwell's Animal Farm has made its way into countless schoolrooms and libraries, and has been the inspiration of several films. Written in 1945, before Orwell's conceptually similar 1984, Animal Farm's world consists of anthropomorphized farm animals as they attempt to create an ideal society--it becomes dystopian as the flaws of the ideology seep out. Like 1984, Orwell meant for Animal Farm to represent a Communist state, and to depict its downfalls. With a message that is not soon to be forgotten, Animal Farm reminds us that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Top Customer Reviews

  • Pretty Good

    From Shayzamb
    Short easy read. Describes the Soviet Union from its origin to the WW2 era and eventually to its demise, eerily similar to the happenings of the end of the Soviet Union and current Russian corruption. The novelette was generally predictable, obvious and bland but has value in showing the failures of communism in a VERY simple form.
  • Animal Farm

    From pdhillon35
    Good read, a lot of symbolism. Background information on the Russian Revolution will help understand this book.
  • It's horrible

    From Christina Leddy
    It's so good, it's really bad, but it's great
  • Again

    From MrPigg
    A classic!!!!!!
  • Revealing!

    From Phil Beazer
    Communism exposed as the tyranny of pigs.
  • Not Bad

    From Nembrios
    The book is very silly but does have a point to prove. Very easy read.
  • good book

    From Phanton28
    i read this book for school. this is a verrrrrrrrrry good book.
  • Amazing

    From Mehryar94
    Must read!!!
  • Great!

    From mistersmartguy
    Love this book!