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Blessed are the Introverts - Mark Stucky

Blessed are the Introverts

Author Mark Stucky

  • Published: 2010-12-01
  • Category: Psychology
3.5 Stars
From 52 Customers Review
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Introverts and extroverts often just don't comprehend each other. Assuming everyone functions with the same psychological engine, however, causes misunderstandings. Diesel engines don't run on gasoline, and introverts operate differently than extroverts. This humorous article examines some of the differences between the two personality types.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Bad

    From FunkMonkeyCrew
    Very short and pointless
  • Short and sweet

    From Clint604
    A rather brief synopsis of a complex topic, but I suppose you get why you pay for.
  • Blessed are the introverts

    From Wonder Woman Mar
    It's alright. Not much if a book about introverts but rather a comparison of the two opposite personalities.