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Flatland - Edwin A. Abbott


Author Edwin A. Abbott

  • Published: 2010-12-17
  • Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
4 Stars
From 36 Customers Review
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This mind-bending early science fiction classic imagines life in a 2-dimensional world. It's a universe populated by lines, squares, and circles, whose perfect flatness creates all new definitions of life, art, and society. Edwin A. Abbott, writing under the pseudonym of "A Square," combines scathing social satire with a brilliant examination on how we all accept our limits of perception, and how much people who transcend these perceptions are often met with resistance.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Makes you think

    From Mad Stasher
    Makes you ponder the fourth dimension; and with the analogies of the second to the third it almost feels like you should be able to picture the fourth, but of course you just can't quite.
  • Excellent conceptual fantasy!

    From JSpilka
    It is a unique way to view the world. It makes you think about what the fourth dimension would be.