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Still Life and Other Stories - Junzo Shono & Wayne P. Lammers

Still Life and Other Stories

Author Junzo Shono & Wayne P. Lammers

  • Published: 1998-07-01
  • Category: Short Stories


"Shono conveys both intimacy and distance, tranquility and tension, as he explores the shifting relations between husband and wife, father and son, brother and sister." -Publishers Weekly

"These stories are so artful... they seem like the artless productions of life itself." -Kenyon College Book Review -- Kenyon College Book Review

"This collection should be sipped and savored like warm sake." -Small Press

Winner of the Pen Center West Award, this delicate collection of thirteen linked tales reveals the flow of daily life in the modern Japanese family. Junzo Shono's artful layering of commonplace events, images, and conversations has been compared to haiku poetry crossed with an Ozu film.