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The Bible For Dummies ®, Mini Edition - Jeffrey Geoghegan & Michael Homan

The Bible For Dummies ®, Mini Edition

Author Jeffrey Geoghegan & Michael Homan

  • Published: 2010-12-13
  • Category: Bible Studies
3.5 Stars
From 16 Customers Review
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Get a glimpse inside one of the world's most influential books This down-to-earth guide introduces you to the world's most studied book, the Bible. It provides an overview of the Good Book's story, explains the region where events took place, and provides insights into why the people and places of the Bible are still important today. Open the book and find: Where the Bible came from How the Bible's books are organized How Abraham came to be the father of three faiths Profiles of major players in Judaism and Christianity Facts about Jerusalem's role in the major religions

Top Customer Reviews

  • The title couldn’t be more perfect :)

    From Beard Of Beez
    OMG!!! Christopher Hitchens couldn’t have written a more appropriate title if he spent a decade attempting to!! :) Wonderful!!
  • The Bible for Dummies

    From Lgeisel
    I found this book very useful, I highly recommend it for anyone needing a simple overview of a book that is so complicated!