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Alicia - Alicia Appleman


Author Alicia Appleman

  • Published: 1988-10-01
  • Category: History
5 Stars
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After losing her entire family to the Nazis at age 13, Alicia Appleman-Jurman went on to save the lives of thousands of Jews, offering them her own courage and hope in a time of upheaval and tragedy. Not since The Diary of Anne Frank has a young voice so vividly expressed the capacity for humanity and heroism in the face of Nazi brutality.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Alicia

    From Alf, 39
    A must read for humanity
  • A must read, simply an amazing women!

    From justcuzz
    This book should be read by everyone! This is not just a story of a young girls survival that took place during the war, but a story about so many invaluable experiences and struggles on a much grander scale of life itself. This book should be discussed in the same company as, The Night & Unbroken. It was truly an honour to read, and a blessing to be read by all. A
  • Alicia,

    From lululeanne
    One the most amazing witness accounts written about the holocaust. it is extremely expressed well and is unforgettable