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Unweaving the Rainbow - Richard Dawkins

Unweaving the Rainbow

Author Richard Dawkins

  • Published: 2000-04-05
  • Category: Science & Nature
4 Stars
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Did Newton "unweave the rainbow" by reducing it to its prismatic colors, as Keats contended? Did he, in other words, diminish beauty? Far from it, says acclaimed scientist Richard Dawkins; Newton's unweaving is the key to much of modern astronomy and to the breathtaking poetry of modern cosmology. Mysteries don't lose their poetry because they are solved: the solution often is more beautiful than the puzzle, uncovering deeper mysteries. With the wit, insight, and spellbinding prose that have made him a best-selling author, Dawkins takes up the most important and compelling topics in modern science, from astronomy and genetics to language and virtual reality, combining them in a landmark statement of the human appetite for wonder.
This is the book Richard Dawkins was meant to write: a brilliant assessment of what science is (and isn't), a tribute to science not because it is useful but because it is uplifting.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great Book, deserves better treatment

    From James HT
    This book is full of great, mind expanding ideas. Dawkins' gift is the ability to make complex ideas seem immediately understandable, with a clarity of presentation that is all too rare. Having said that, the iBook presentation was quite flawed, with numerous OCR transcription errors and typos that distracted from the beautiful ideas. Please consider having books like these that have been converted from hard copy to digital format a proper proofreading so that common errors such as "Eire" for "are" or "loo" for "100" are eliminated.