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Finding Your Favorite Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips - Steve Kurtz

Finding Your Favorite Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips

Author Steve Kurtz

  • Published: 2011-01-31
  • Category: Graphic Novels
3 Stars
From 38 Customers Review
Price: $1.99


Have you ever found yourself remembering a favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and wanting to see it again? Or have you ever wanted to read all the Tracer Bullet or Spaceman Spiff comic strips? Well, this is the book you need. This book contains a detailed description of all the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. The description includes the original print date of the strip, characters and words used in the strip, along with a reference to which of the Calvin and Hobbes collection books that strip can be found in. Search for the strips you want to read, check the bibliography to see which books the strips are in, and once again enjoy one of the best comic strips ever published.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Meh.

    From Cut the rope fan!! :)
    It was the facial expressions I liked.
  • Answer has been told

    From TheDidact
    I guess I'm not gettin it now........
  • Waste of money

    From Stymchak
    Stupid who wants to search! Lets see the strips!
  • Waste of a dollar

    From Ejgffhxfj
    I wanted the comics
  • I spent 99¢ for nothing

    From Fog duvet. T v
    The book sucked😡
  • No graphics / cartoons

    From Tiger'66
    Disappointed. Thought I was purchasing a collection of the comic strips.