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Veiled Eyes - C.L. Bevill

Veiled Eyes

Author C.L. Bevill

  • Published: 2010-10-19
  • Category: Paranormal
4.5 Stars
From 147 Customers Review
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Anna St. Thais has always wondered who she was; an orphan or abandoned child. As she travels to New Orleans she quickly realizes that the dreams she's had of a strangely attractive man are very real and that he has a strong psychic connection to her. She finds the the enigmatic Lake People and there she will unravel the mystery that is her life.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Really gave me the sense I was there

    From LisaProulx
    I really enjoyed this book. It definitely gave me the sense I was there in the moment. I read a quote recently about how books take you to other worlds and places. This resonates for me with this story. I haven't been to those places but I felt like I was present. Great read, awesome action and suspense! Of course, my favorite, paranormal edge! Thanks!
  • Veiled eyes

    From Jellyanne
    This is an excellent story. Could not put it down. I look forward to more from this author.
  • Another Great Book

    From Willemke.
    Loved it!
  • Excellent story, very well written

    From free but limited
    Good characters, interesting location, and hard to put down. I loved it.
  • Great read!

    From fairfaith
    A unique and interesting novel - explores the Bayou, Louisiana and it's Cajun character in an intriguing way. Characters interesting and fast paced plot keep you hooked 'til the end.
  • Absolutely interesting

    From HisuiFire
    The short adult part wasn't that great, however the rest of it was absolutely amazing, even the weird beginning. Definitely worth the read. I loved how everything tied together in the end.
  • Great read!

    From Bunkerkitten
    Excellent book! Highly recommended!