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I Don't Believe In God, Jesus Or The Bible. God's Manual On Atheism And Other Religions. - Free From Bondage Ministry

I Don't Believe In God, Jesus Or The Bible. God's Manual On Atheism And Other Religions.

Author Free From Bondage Ministry

  • Published: 2010-10-21
  • Category: Christianity
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God's manual for Atheism and other religions. Because God understands why you don't believe in Him. And we want you to understand too. So read and learn. If we all understand each other better, this world could be a lot more peaceful.

Top Customer Reviews

  • I Don't Believe In God, Jesus, or The Bible

    From JuneHsaved
    Firstly...note that this review does not allow a 0 star rating. That is my rating - NO STARS. This writing is a waste of time. It has no purpose or direction. It has no verses quoted because it does not reflect what God's word says. The Bible proves itself and has purpose. We are "away" from God & He has provided " The Way". JOHN 3:16. God loves you.
  • Awesome Book

    From 83474277336831125543
    This book is amazing , I mean who wouldn't want to believe in Jesus... He's a mis-understood extraterrestrial that's right a flesh & blood Ancient Alien who ascended into his space craft over 2000 years with the promise to return in an epic battle with other mis-understood extraterrestrial's (Satan) can't wait for that to happen.
  • Can I rate it less than one star?

    From Former Christian.
    Wow, alright. If your ministry's aim is to convert people to Christianity and for them to then be saved from their sins, you should probably not tell them that they are being controlled by evil forces which make them unable to see the truth. People will read this and think you are both rude and delusional. Another thing about this "book", which is more like a disjointed paper, is that the author states ideas as facts. The author fills in the whole day where God created angels with his own thoughts. Based on nothing. The occurrences of that day, which you present as fact are listed nowhere in the Bible. Anyways, don't read this book. It's an absolute waste of time, where opinions are presented as facts and people who don't believe in Jesus aren't simply thinking for themselves, but rather are being controlled by the devil. Who you say applied for a name change from Lucifer to Satan. Geez Louise. If you're going to state all these ludicrous ideas, at least back them up with bible verses. Maybe someone will believe you then. Just a suggestion.
  • Wow

    From Assassin88888888888
    Your going to hell some day
  • William Craig

    From Truth Is Absolute
    William Craig is your standard for truth? He sacrifices the very basics of science to promote his religion (evolution). His teachings are fairy tales intended to appear enlightened to those living in darkness. True observable science has demonstrated the life cannot spring from non-life, and that nothing cannot explode. It certainly cannot explode to create everything. Science and scripture complement one another. Only perversions of either or both can delude a person into thinking there is a conflict. That which is scientifically impossible, does not become possible over time.
  • Not convincing in the least.

    From Hitchens94
    I give this book 2 stars rather than 1 only because it seems they put some sincere effort into it. However, many times it looks like they're trying too hard to sound funny and in doing so, write too colloquial and it begins to look very unprofessional. There are also many punctuation mistakes, such as periods where there should be commas etc. The first chapter sounded like a children's bedtime story or an ancient myth, nothing an unbiased adult would take seriously. If I were shown classic bible passages (creationism, Noah's Ark, Jonah and the whale.) and classic children's stories I don't think I'd be able to sort which ones people take seriously and which ones are for entertainment; this should bother you. If anyone is seriously searching for convincing arguments for Theism or specifically Christianity, I recommend William Lane Craig to you, he at least knows how to handle science and philosophical propositions.