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The Zombie Chronicles: Ascension - Mark Clodi

The Zombie Chronicles: Ascension

Author Mark Clodi

  • Published: 2011-04-26
  • Category: Horror
4.5 Stars
From 16 Customers Review
Price: $3.99


Max barely made it out of Chicago alive and was looking forward to a long recovery in Iowa with his kids. Picked up by Colonel Draper he expected a quick return to his friend Bill’s home and chance to catch his breath. It is not to be, however, and he is compelled to use his abilities to go on one last mission; to find the Zombie-master, the man responsible for creating the outbreak. Pressed into service alongside his friends, Max heads out to beard the lion in his den and finish the fight once and for all.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Mr Clodi, you have outdone yourself

    From M0RRIE
    Amazing series- after the first book I went straight out and brought everything you have written..... And loved them all. In your authors notes/ acknowledgement you always speak of your man deck where you grill, drink beer and listen to the radio .. "Listening to people who really know how to write stories" sir, are one of those people- a true storyteller.. Thank you! Dawn Roy a fan
  • Exscusive opium

    From QuadBoss
    Book had a good closing finish to the three books.