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Simply Flowers, Summer - Jane Palmer

Simply Flowers, Summer

Author Jane Palmer

  • Published: 2011-05-04
  • Category: Gardening
3.5 Stars
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Photographs of a selection of Summer flowers including comfrey, roses, yellow corydalis, euphorbia griffithii (Fireglow), water lilies, pansies, kniphofia (red hot poker), hibiscus, kangaroo paw, gloxinia, campanula, astilbe, arum lilies, a dandelion, moth orchids, a gerbera, honeysuckle, palm flower, osteospermum, dicentra, polemonium, hydrangea, and sea campion.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Pretty horrible photos of flowers

    From julius Ding
    Pretty horrible photos of flowers, should learn a bit photography then to publish a "book"