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Before I Go To Sleep - S. J. Watson

Before I Go To Sleep

Author S. J. Watson

  • Published: 2011-06-14
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4 Stars
From 574 Customers Review
Price: $11.99


Christine wakes up every morning in an unfamiliar bed with an unfamiliar man. And every morning that man must explain that he is Ben, he is her husband; she is forty-seven years old; and a terrible accident two decades earlier decimated her ability to form new memories. But it’s the phone call from a neurologist named Dr. Nash that directs her to her hidden journal. For the past few weeks, Christine has been recording her activities and rereading past entries, learning the facts of her life as retold by the husband upon whom she is completely dependent. As the entries accumulate, Christine finds herself asking more and more questions—about what she missed and what Ben might not be telling her…

Top Customer Reviews

  • Stunning

    From Ojeann
    Page to page the book will make you forget who you are. Dive in.
  • A Thrilling Novel

    From DrewBee707
    This novel is fantastic! It was a thrilling read, and it kept me so engrossed in what was happening. There were a few things throughout that bothered me, and a few holes in the plot that would be difficult to explain away, but in all it was a great read (even on the second read trough) and I look forward to reading it again in the future!
  • Decent

    From alanslag
    Great read but somewhat anticlimactic, not as amazing an ending I was hoping for especially since Hollywood bought it!
  • Before I Go to Sleep

    From JMHM60
    An astonishingly brilliant debut - in plotting and tone both. The character's profound mental and emotional states of change became realistically rational and self-assured. I downloaded this six hours ago -- and have only finished now ... at 5 am. Yes, it's THAT good. Brava!
  • Meh.

    From Mum*two
    This book is an interesting enough read, but has plot twists you can see coming a mile away. I found it very predictable.
  • Good yarn

    From Zxcv156
    An interesting take on amnesia. One you are able to suspend disbelief it becomes an interesting story that moves along quickly.
  • Perfect holiday read

    From AlbertaRose
    Creepy, haunting, thrilling. An excellent debut novel!
  • Before I go to sleep

    From Mitch Rocks!
    Well written, great storyline..
  • Before I go to Sleep

    From frsky now
    This effort by S.J. Watson dragged on and on and on. There was no need for this story to be as long as it and it got to the point of being painful, because of its repetition. There was not enough in the way of characters or meaningful plot development to keep me very enthused. I'd advise against reading it-spend your time reading something more worthwhile.
  • Astonishing

    From H A K
    This is one of the best books that I have read in a very long time. It was suggested to me after reading Gone Girl as it was apparently similar. This book is better written and left me in absolute awe. From start to finish this book was impossible to put down and I read it in just a day or two. If the movie is even a sliver of the greatness that the book is, I will be happy.