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Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom - Melanie S. Unger

Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom

Author Melanie S. Unger

  • Published: 2011-05-23
  • Category: Education


Bring Out the Best In Your Students

Classrooms are busy places full of people, activities, and materials. Keeping them

organized can be a challenge, but an organized classroom is essential and allows students and the teacher to fully focus on learning by eliminating distractions. Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom provides practical, proven methods for maintaining an organized classroom throughout the entire school year.

Inside you’ll find:

• Strategies for managing students’ papers, curriculum material, and essential paperwork

• Time management tips to maximize your instruction time and lesson planning

• Organizing systems you can teach your students to improve self reliance and


• Checklists for starting and ending the year well organized

• Helpful forms and templates you can use in your classroom

• Plans for arranging a classroom that promotes positive student participation

• Support to simplify your classroom

• Efficient storage solutions for all teacher and student materials

Whether you teach primary, intermediate, middle school or high school, this book

will help you organize your time, paperwork, and classroom spaces.