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Be Sarcastic - Darrel Miller

Be Sarcastic

Author Darrel Miller

  • Published: 2010-12-20
  • Category: Humour
2.5 Stars
From 55 Customers Review
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You like to be a smart alec, but it keeps getting in your way, here's why, and here's how to make it a tool to help you.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Crap

    From Tegegwhehe
    This book was free and I still feel ripped off. I never thought I could possibly fail to finish a 6 page book, yet 2 pages in I felt a strong urge to shoot myself rather than read another word. Never before have written words evoked these emotions within me, so I guess that's an accomplishment in favour of this book. If you are mildly suicidal and looking to push yourself over the edge, I recommend this book.
  • Pointless, don't bother

    From I'm an app-hole, ee-oh ee-oh
    Like reading someone's high school social studies assignment. And they got a C-.
  • True, but empty

    From ,,?
    I agree whole heartedly with the author on the subject matter, however, there isn't really enough subject matter to warrant a book. Too short and too pointless, unless you have five minutes to read someone else's opinion. Good value for money though!