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Heller - JD Nixon


Author JD Nixon

  • Published: 2011-05-30
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Stars
From 250 Customers Review
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Book 1 in the Heller series. Despite having no experience or skills, Tilly Chalmers can’t believe her luck when she lands a dream job in a security and surveillance business owned by the dangerously attractive Heller. But she soon discovers her new boss is a man of many secrets. And what is she to make of the strange group of people who live with him? After her first two assignments go disastrously wrong, and with a ruthless competitor on the scene, Tilly must decide if she has what it takes to survive the rough world of security work.

Top Customer Reviews

  • In love with heller

    From gpvirk
    Awesome!!!!! Finished all 6 in 4 days and now eagerly waiting for the last in the heller series. :) Loved it.
  • Heller

    From Kushnivas
    Good read, am anxious to read Heller's Revenge.
  • Exceptional

    From willsmomanddad
    Downloaded this a while ago. Finally read it. Very glad there are some more.
  • Admitted Heller Creeper

    From Wine please
    I started with this book. It was free. It was based in Australia...interesting locale. I was pleased to find how much I enjoyed the characters. All the main ones are atypical but have redeeming features. I got so caught up in reading about people I liked that the book ended too soon. Then I ordered the next one. And the next one. Sure wish JD Nixon wrote faster. Try her Little Town series too.
  • Great Read

    From Leggs1974
    This book reminded me of Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum series. This was a really good book, I have already purchased book 2.
  • totally delectable!

    From joes_girl222
    bit of a slow start, but once characters started unfolding i was hooked! couldn't put it down! i immediately bought the next in this series and i can't wait!
  • Love this series

    From Miamiamommamia
    You're going to want to read the whole series. Very interesting characters and plots which make it hard to put down!
  • Heller

    From At nt
    Great read!
  • Fabulous characters!

    From Howteachersspendtheirsummer
    Loved the story and getting to know all the characters! Can't wait to read the next book!
  • Heller

    From T Knockwood
    I loved this book! Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. Tilly is a very lovely character who is kind, funny, temperamental, a bit naive, and endearingly a magnet for trouble. She inspires loyalty and at the same time she also allows herself to be taken advantage of. Heller is a man who is just mysterious and dangerous enough to make himself alluring. I cannot wait for future opportunities to get to know him better. Although it didn't end the way I wanted to, it was an absolutely perfect ending for this phase of their story. Hurry please with the next novel in the series!