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Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication - Jennifer Mosher

Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication

Author Jennifer Mosher

  • Published: 2011-07-05
  • Category: Writing
3.5 Stars
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Revised edition October 2014.

Sometimes it's not what you say, but what you do. Have you ever parked the company car, the one with the logo on it, in a disable parking spot? What does that communicate about you, or more importantly, your business?

Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication isn't just about how to write a letter, it's also about why you might be writing that letter, or why you should be dressing a certain way, or behaving (or not behaving!) in a certain manner, to ensure that you communicate exactly what it is that you WANT to communicate about your business.

This booklet is as applicable to small business owners as it is to their staff, their managers and larger businesses.

Short and to the point, this book outlines simple rules and food for thought to help you communicate more effectively in your business dealings.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Good Summary

    From DavidJToronto
    Would be nice to see a couple of examples for each rule but thank you nonetheless!
  • Good points

    From Coine
    I feel that you can always learn something and this book is something you can learn from.