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What Darwinists Don't Want You to Know - M.E. Brines

What Darwinists Don't Want You to Know

Author M.E. Brines

  • Published: 2011-07-21
  • Category: Life Sciences
2 Stars
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What Darwinians Don’t Want You to Know – The truth about the Intelligent Design theory. Does Secular Humanism require more faith than most religions?

Top Customer Reviews

  • What Darwinists Don’t Want YOU to Know

    From Donshots
    This is possibly too short to be called a book. No information us substantiated. I do not believe the author has read Darwin’s work as it is misrepresented. They author seems unaware that a couple of hoaxes mentioned are well documented as just that. I was hoping for something more thoughtful and perhaps insightful. Very disappointed in the book, and iBooks for allowing this to be available.
  • No Understanding about the Subject

    From hmb64
    It's unlikely that M.E. Brines has picked up a single book on human evolution, including the works of Darwin. Even an understanding of what the term 'scientific theory' means is absent. There is also a mixing of scientific disciplines - ideas which point to a universe only a few thousand light years across (!) are said to be tossed out by Darwinists. There's no explanation regarding the connection cosmology and evolution. Of special note: the majority of quotes is derived from a book by Jonathan Wells, a man whose entire Raison d'Etre (and Ph.D.) is to invalidate evolution.
  • What a bunch of [email protected]

    From Zappaphile
    You'd think that if you were writing a book about something, you'd find out a bit about the subject. This guy is completely ignorant of the mechanism and theory of evolution.
  • Seriously...

    From G1i7CH3D
    What a bunch of creationist bull****