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My Little Poopoofnick - Robert Chapin

My Little Poopoofnick

Author Robert Chapin

  • Published: 2011-07-30
  • Category: Humour


1964, Lyndon, The Beetles, gas at $.35 per gallon, bread $.54, a new house $20,000, a new car $200. I was 17 years old and my first job was for Mr. D. at a mom and pop Red & White grocery store.

My first car: a 1957 Ford Fairlane hardtop convertible. The aroma of the fruits and soap powders forever burned in my brain.

Vietnam, college and now I am 65 years old, and still a poopoofnick...

Top Customer Reviews

  • The day I burned the outhouse down!

    From 68 and holding!
    Tha is the best short story I have ever read. I truly laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and my guts were aching. Thank you for this fabulous laugh ! Now I'm going to read more of your work. Cecile Benedict Vernon B.C.
  • LoryRN

    From LoryRN
    This book is very heartwarming. I feel that I was actually there, in the store. Mr. D was one nice man to work for and to have look out for you. Mr. Chapin had a good experience. Thank you for sharing it Mr. Chapin.