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Lucky Shirt - Hassan Afyouni & Saad Katerji

Lucky Shirt

Author Hassan Afyouni & Saad Katerji

  • Published: 2010-02-16
  • Category: Children's Fiction
4 Stars
From 41 Customers Review
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He wore his lucky shirt for a very important meeting, if everything goes well he and his family will become very rich. Will the lucky shirt make him and his family rich? Read the sensational story Lucky Shirt.
Lucky Shirt is the first of the book series “The Lucky Series”.  The principal theme of the “Lucky Series” books is to convey to the young reader that dreams and hopes do not come true from being lucky, superstitious, or handed over on silver platter, but rather through honesty, patience, perseverance, endurance, working smart, family ties and finally hard work.
Each book of the series deals with one aspect of life where luck is presented as the notion for success and later proves it otherwise.  The characters and events for each book in the series are taken from present time.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Not very good

    From Sabiha16
    This book was quite boring for my son to read... He fell asleep on page two!!!!!!! I only rated it 3 stars because it sends a good message to children so they learn to share.:-(