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Before You Get a Puppy - Louise Louis

Before You Get a Puppy

Author Louise Louis

  • Published: 2011-03-12
  • Category: Pets


Puppy dog eyes are no substitute for research.

Puppies are a wonderful addition to a family, but there are things you should know before you bring one home.

Learn about breeds and the health problems associated with each breed. There are DNA and other tests that can be done to identify potential problems.

You can find a healthy, happy puppy at shelters, rescue groups, breeders, Internet sellers and even pet stores – if you know what to look for , what to avoid and how to examine a puppy.

Understand contract or bill-of-sale terms and how to protect yourself from Internet fraud.

Puppies can be delightful but they also can be money pits. Don’t let emotion or puppy-dog eyes blind you to the potential problems and costs of having a puppy.

Second edition updates information and resources.

After experience breeding, pet sitting and training, Ms. Louis created the website. She continues to write articles for various dog-related publications and enjoy the company of her small canine companions