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Cornered - Ron MacLean & Kirstie McLellan Day


Author Ron MacLean & Kirstie McLellan Day

  • Published: 2011-10-11
  • Category: Sports
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A Saturday night spent with Ron MacLean has been a tradition for twenty-five years. Known for his quick wit, arched eyebrows and encyclopedic hockey knowledge, MacLean is the skilled ringmaster of Canada’s most watched weekly program. He has interviewed the greatest players, coaches and personalities of an era and is a master at coaxing the best in substance and entertainment from his guests, as well as from his opinionated and often irascible co-host, Don Cherry, on Coach’s Corner. And he has never written a book—until now.

Cornered is packed with inside accounts—some inspiring, many hilarious—from his early days as a part-time radio announcer and weather forecaster in Red Deer, Alberta, to his time hosting Hockey Night in Canada and the Olympics. Perhaps no other journalist has witnessed first-hand more Canadian sports milestones in the past quarter century. From Gretzky to Catriona, Mario to Salé and Pelletier, MacLean has been there with an eye for detail and an appreciation for what makes a great story.

Top Customer Reviews

  • True Canadian

    From Sallknows
    Been watching coach’s corner since it started. Enjoyed learning more from Ron who he actually is by reading his book
  • Great stuff.

    From jamesrait
    Enjoyed it very much. Thanks Ron for bringing all those great memories back. There was one story I was hoping to hear and that was during the Sydney Olympics, where Ron and a female Australian co-host were commenting on the opening parade where all these giant floats were entering the stadium. At one point, what looked like a huge flip-flop slowly crawled into view and Ron's co-host (sorry can't remember her name) remarked "Oh look, here comes a giant thong!". At which point Ron gave a little snort that was followed by what felt like ten minutes of dead air as I'm sure they were on the floor laughing at that one. Cheers, James Rait