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The Little Dragons - Rowan Starsmith

The Little Dragons

Author Rowan Starsmith

  • Published: 2011-09-19
  • Category: Fantasy
4.5 Stars
From 305 Customers Review
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Before the Kings came, the People of the Land had an agreement with the Dragons. It was negotiated by the Dragon Priestesses, who could communicate with those fearsome beasts through their familiars, the Little Dragons. The Kings, however, knew only the way of the sword. In their war against the Dragons, they killed their smaller cousins as well, along with the Priestesses who cared for them. The revenge of the Dragons was disastrous for both peoples, forcing everyone to live their lives at night, when the Dragons sleep in their caves in the mountains.
Feeling her age breathing on the back of her neck, Mother Peg, a Senior Healer of the Earth People, is determined to track down the persistent rumours that some of the doomed Dragon Priestesses shared their knowledge with the Healers who sheltered them. On the other side of the Realm, powerful King Anglewart of the Westlands, as determined as Mother Peg to find the Little Dragons, sends a search expedition to the mountains.
Others become caught up in the quest: King Anglewart’s spirited wife, Queen Melisande, and their daughter, Liandra, apparently pregnant, although she denies ever lying with a man; Mother Peg’s servant, Maida, who dreams of becoming a Healer despite her origins as the daughter of a cheesemaker; Gleve, newly confirmed as a Healer and worried about what will happen to his beloved elderly teacher, Father Mallory, when he leaves; Keiran of Hanford, who survives the dangers of the King’s expedition to the Dragon caves, only to be beaten and left for dead by his own companions; Jessa and Ev, two lowly servants in the Women’s Retreat House, where young noblewomen commit themselves to craft and prayer, and widows retire to live out their days.
Danger surrounds each of these people—Dragons, of course, but also their antagonism towards one another. They cannot know that each bears a unique clue to the secret knowledge of the Dragon Priestesses.

"This is an awesome book! I love the author’s boldness, writing outside the box, giving me twists and turns and unexpected plots. This is a nice long story where you get character development in the first ten or so chapters, then get the rest of the book to continue traveling along with people you now know and love (or hate)." Cynikat, Podiobooks subscriber.

"I was thoroughly enchanted and delighted by the best book I have listened to in a very long time.It is a well-crafted world of fantasy; man-eating dragons, little dragons, unfaithful kings, banished queens and princesses, Earth people, King’s men, witch healers, and Little Dragon Keepers all trying to survive in a very believable world.As a well-written story should, it got under my skin. I laughed, gasped in surprise, cheered on and cried. It will be in my mind for a very long time." Arlene Radasky, author of The Fox.

A Warning
This book contains mature themes and is not intended for children. Also, two of the female characters share a loving lesbian relationship and one of the male characters is attracted to his male friend. Several Podiobooks listeners have found this offensive. Others have found it delightful, especially those who rarely see themselves reflected in the pages of fantasy fiction.

Top Customer Reviews

  • The Little Dragons

    From Denise Upson
    Loved the concept. Would like to read a sequel!
  • Tkennett

    From Wugmug
    The Little Dragons held me spellbound. I could not put it down. Unfortunately it ended far too soon.
  • Love this book

    From Silver2911
    This book pulled me into the story I read it in 2 sitting only putting it down cause the light from iPad was keeping my daughter from sleeping soundly. I finished the last sentence and automatically wanted more. Thank you for the most wonderful escape.
  • Pretty good

    From Justboom
    Some language doesn't fit the time period, but a pretty good, easy read. Hope there is a sequel.
  • Exceptional!

    From D_Patrie
    I bought this book, intrigued by the synopsis, expecting it to be another cheap pulp novel - entertaining but poorly written. I was pleased to be surprised as soon as I started reading. Then becoming immersed in this fantasy world of dragons and people. The relationships are believable and though I am not interested in certain lifestyles as depicted, the story far transcends these details. I found I couldn't put it down and devoured it completely. My recommendation: get it. Read it. Enjoy it. Await further works from this author and devour those in turn. A wholly enjoyable read.
  • Little dragons

    From {Lexi Mouse}
    This book was charming. The plot moved along nicely, and although not high lit, was an entertaining read. Would make a good teen fic, but could use a round with spellcheck.
  • A nice surprise!

    From B.Parents
    I can't believe I got this book for free! It was so good, I loved it! I'm hoping there is a sequel... I highly recommend it.
  • The Little Dragons

    From Zesty-owl
    Wonderful story! I could not put the book down. Is there another book after this one? I want to know how this story continues.
  • The little dragons

    From Kayla599
    I thought this book was an excellent read. The way the characters thoughts and feeling were portrayed was amazing. I could hardly put the book down, and when I found I had to, to go to work I was very reluctant. The author of this book is simply exceptional, and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance, fantasy, and an invigorating plot
  • The Little Dragons

    From Excellent to Use
    Wonderful, wonderful book. Well written, well edited......a pleasure all around. Thanks for the unique adventure into this strange new world.