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Alternative to Darwinism and Creationism Based on Free Will - Shaun Johnston

Alternative to Darwinism and Creationism Based on Free Will

Author Shaun Johnston

  • Published: 2011-09-30
  • Category: Life Sciences
2.5 Stars
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Do we have free will? Answering this question using logic drives us into paradox. Instead, the author takes us to a world where people know they really do have free will. As a result their science takes a different direction, leading them to an evolutionary theory totally different from ours. In this theory, is there intelligent design? Yes. Is it the work of a supernatural agent? No. Instead, through an audacious surmise, the author arrives at a theory of evolution close to common sense, that supports traditional thinking about the self. Who should care? Anyone whose work affects the opinions others have of themselves. And the humanities generally, under threat from encroachment on their turf by the sciences, all of whose specialties depend on traditional notions of free will. This ingenious story can serve as a model for how the balance between the arts and sciences can be reset.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Don’t

    From killer_chronic
    Please commit two days of your free thought to read the pleas of an ideology that can only assure its survival by trampling reason and truth. Ok, don’t.
  • Not science - its fiction. (Hint: someone please read the description)

    From MindDesigns
    Wrong book category. This is not a science book, it is fiction.