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A Newbies Guide to iPhone 4S - Minute Help Guides

A Newbies Guide to iPhone 4S

Author Minute Help Guides

  • Published: 2011-10-18
  • Category: Operating Systems
3.5 Stars
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The iPhone 4S may not look like much of an upgrade on the outside, but open it up and be prepared for one of the most revolutionary phones on the market. It has a camera more powerful than some point and shoots; a voice activated assistant who not only listens to you, but understands you; and processor speeds that are lightening fast! But if you are curious about the iPhone 4S or have recently bought one, then chances are you already know why buy this book? Easy--because those are the features you've heard about; what makes the iPhone 4S a game changer are the features you haven't heard about. This book tells you how to use all of popular features, but it also shows you how to use all the hidden gems.

In addition, this book has information on all the apps you need to make your phone even more powerful.

Top Customer Reviews

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    From chormas
    Most of the info I already knew l Learnt 2 things!
  • y

    From ndljasbfjladsbfa/ljsdbvljs
    IT is a helpful guide for all users