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I'm Awesome - Jason Ellis & Mike Tully

I'm Awesome

Author Jason Ellis & Mike Tully

  • Published: 2012-04-17
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Stars
From 138 Customers Review
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X Games skateboarder, pro mixed martial arts fighter, and outspoken SiriusXM satellite radio host Jason Ellis shares his jaw-dropping and inspirational life story, from the depths of addiction to the glory of victory to the joys and ordeals of fatherhood. Fans of The Jason Ellis Show and the MMA-meets-music festival "Ellismania" know Ellis as a fearless daredevil—and as the new voice of action sports in America. Now, fans can learn how he got to be the man he is: the struggles, the setbacks, and the fight he put up to make it through to something better. Fans of Griffin Forrest’s Got Fight and Tony Hawk’s Hawk won’t want to miss this unbelievable tell-all from a larger-than-life icon, and a fighter through and through.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Red Dragons!!!

    From Krok1981
    Loved the book. I listen to Ellis everyday when I can and this book filled me in on a lot of stuff I had missed. Some really funny moments.
  • I'm Awesome

    From Jibsjb
    Good read, probably mostly because I listen to Ellis's radio show frequently and knew most of the stories. But it was good to find out the more in depth story of his life and what made him what he is today. A little disappointed that he didn't give his co-workers more credit for making his radio show what it is today. Without them the show would not be as great as it is.
  • Great read! Can't wait for the 2nd one!! Red Dragons!!

    From HEeReMs TBay
  • Awesome

    From Teresa Johnson
    Couldn't put it down, excellent read.
  • Everything I had expected

    From kderb01
    An excellent telling of an interesting life. Both interesting and inspiring.
  • Awesome book!!

    From Curran519
    Defiantly a great read for anyone interested in the most awesome man on the planet!
  • Ellis mate

    From SnizDr
    RED DRAGONS.! Thanks for being real mate .!!!
  • Ellismate

    From JElkins86
    Red Dragons!
  • Just AWESOME

    From rolly6707
    One of the best books I've read in a long time, it gives you a whole new appreciation for the show, and for Ellis as an individual.
  • 

    From Shawn502dragon
    Red dragons