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The Holy Bible - The World English Bible (WEB)

The Holy Bible

Author The World English Bible (WEB)

  • Published: 2011-11-01
  • Category: Bibles
4 Stars
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The Holy Bible was inspired by God, who had His servants speak, write, and preserve His word.  
The Bible is the best-selling book in history in the World.  

The Holy Bible is God's written word to mankind. It has been written over thousands of years by many people under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and miraculously preserved until today. There are many ancient documents, but those in the Holy Bible are of great importance to Jews and Christians, because they explain the way to fellowship with God and the way to live.

The Holy Bible is a collection of books. These are arranged in the Old Testament (before Jesus Christ) and New Testament. 

The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible. That means that you may freely copy it in any form, including electronic and print formats. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • It was okay‚Ķ

    From Matty.Bagles
    I prefer the Satanic Bible much, much more.
  • The only difference between religion and a delusion is how many people believe it

    From Hayden gdyfsgzs
    God is not real and religion is a lie
  • Nice

    From Ksjxmdi
    Good version
  • Bible

    From Andraxx672
    The navigation between books is slow and not well organized
  • Mediocre

    From bindy_HAR
  • Best E-Book Bible you'll find for iPad

    From Cameron Kearney-McManus
    Some of the other Bibles on iTunes have some basic functionality issues, such as being unable to select a book from the Chapter menu. This one, however, works quite well--you can choose which book you want to read from, and from the first page of each book you can quickly jump to the chapter you want to look at. The search function, unfortunately, works the same way on this book as it does in any other book. Which would be fine, but given the slight word changes in successive translations of the Bible, it makes it quite difficult to quickly look up a verse if you know its content but not its location. I.E. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" or "Let him who has not sinned be the first to throw a stone at her". So unfortunately google is still a more reliable way to look up the location of individual verses. In any case, the usefulness of having access to a Bible at all times, even if you aren't a Christian, shouldn't be underestimated, and this is the best one you'll get without opening your wallet.
  • You get what you pay for

    From JDA10
    Unnecessarily long and dry, plodding in sections. Author prone to rambles bordering on the bizarre at times. ** Language and views expressed may be offensive to readers, may not be appropriate for young children. Fans of the genre (historical fiction/fantasy/mythology) are best to look somewhere else.
  • Decent

    From Genuinewhiteboy88
    This novel is fairly good book for those who enjoy mediocre written fantasy story.
  • Good book

    From Werttyyhgdghcffjjv
    Good book
  • The Bible

    From Serenityswan
    This book used to mean nothing to me, but now when I read it, when I live it out in my life, it means Peace, and healing, and its the truth in love. There is no greater sacrifice then one who gives his life for others. In this book it shows me that he loved me even when I hated him, and that kind of love is what has transformed my life.