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A Tale of a Tub - Jonathan Swift

A Tale of a Tub

Author Jonathan Swift

  • Published: 1745-01-01
  • Category: Humour


A Character of the prefent Set of Wits in this
Ifland. A Panegyrical Effay upon the Number
Three. A Differtation upon the principal productions of Grub-ftree. Lectures upon the Diffection
of Human Nature. A Panegyrick upon the World.
An Analytical Difcourfe upon Zeal, Hiftori-theophyfi-logically confidered. A general Hiftory of
Ears. A modeft Defence of the Proceedings of the
Rabble in all Ages. A Defcription of the Kingdom
of Abfurdities. A Voyage into England, by a Perfon
of Quality in Terra Auftralis incognita, tranflated
from the Original. A Critical Effay upon the Art
of Canting, Philofophically, Phyfically, and
Mufically confidered