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For the Rest of Us - Mike Stair

For the Rest of Us

Author Mike Stair

  • Published: 2012-01-03
  • Category: Golf
3.5 Stars
From 33 Customers Review
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Ben Hogan, author of The Modern Fundamentals of Golf ,  believed that golfers with average coordination could learn to break 80 if they applied themselves intelligently to learning his concepts.  

Author Mike Stair has created this companion piece from the position of an average golfer.  He has benefited from Mr. Hogan's instruction and has applied more than thirty years of teaching and analysis to the clarification of Hogan's more obscure instructions.  If you are eager to improve your game, and wish someone could explain it in terms you can make sense of, this book will help lower your score while raising your appreciation for Ben Hogan and the game he played so well. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Ben hogan's five lessons

    From Zubrio
    Mike Stair manages to make it very easy to understand what Ben Hogan was trying to get across in his very technical description of the golf swing. I'm a low single digit handicap player and this book gets the point across in easy to understand language with excellent illustrations. I can now swing through the ball hard with out fear.